Hi i'm Kennedy i really like a bunch of animes, sometimes i make shitty gifs
I also play runescape a lot so ya add me : ilyamie


there’s always that one character you like so much its almost embarrassing

(Source: gyaradical)


using a random number generator to pick random pages to draw =u=X


i’m terrified of lady bugs because when i was 10 my bathroom got infested by them and they laid eggs in my shower but i didn’t know that so when i went to take a shower one time i turned on the water and thousands of lady bugs came flying out of the drain and i sat in the bathtub and i cried

police: you're under arrest
me: no i'm not
police: shit

Stern Ritter "E": Bambietta Basterbine

I’m moving tomorrow, and we’re not expected to get internet until the 12th of August (what am i going to do) sigh